Competition: curate an indie folk playlist!

You can now win an indie folk package worth $150 by curating an indie folk playlist with your favorite songs! The best playlister wins this package with LPs, CDs and other merchanise (no shipping costs!) + we’ll publish the winning playlist on Spotify and SoundCloud and, if we can get enough copyright approvals, on YouTube!

Why are we doing this giveaway?
We love to share new music with you and we hope to continue for ever. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to get enough funding to keep Indie Folk Central up and running! YouTube demonetized our channel early 2019 and that changed everything. Getting financial support from you is very crucial for us to be able to continue. That’s why you can only participate in this competition if you’re supporting us on Patreon.

Create your playlist & submit it!
Join the contest by creating an indie folk playlist on Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube and submit your playlist using the form below!

Select your favorite dreamy/mellow/soft/acoustic indie folk songs and start building your playlist from scratch. Listen to it and ask yourself what would sound good next. Once you’ve added a song, step back and think about the structure of the playlist as a whole. Does it flow, is there enough variation? Then add your next song. Repeat the process until finished.

the minimum total length of the playlist is one hour
the closing date for this competition is November 30, 2019
don’t copy existing playlists, be original, but feel free to include songs that have been included in (our) previous playlists
you can only participate if you’re supporting us on Patreon with $3 (or more) a month

We might extend the competition if we have not yet achieved 60% of our minimum required support on Patreon (60% of $475 = $285) or if we have not receive the minimum of five playlist submissions.

Join the contest now!

The winner

will receive a great indie folk package, including:

  • LP: On The Train Ride Home by The Paper Kites

  • LP: Waves, The Wake by Great Lake Swimmers

  • CD: News From Nowhere by Graeme James

  • CD: On the Corner Where You Live by The Paper Kites

  • CD: Twelvefour by The Paper Kites

  • Merchandise!

    A winter hat from The Paper Kites and some cool stuff from SYML, Andreas Moe and Passenger!

  • We’ll publish your playlist on Indie Folk Central!