HELP! YouTube ditched Indie Folk Cental!

Donate now if you want us to keep bringing you the best indie folk music

For over 5 years we have been working to make a profitable business out of Indie Folk Central. Blood, sweat and tears we’ve put into our channels, in order to always bring you the best Indie Folk music! Because that is our very passion.

In these years we put in everything we had for very low to no revenue at all because we have a passion and a vision for a thriving music channel, bringing you the best of the best while earning enough to pay the bills. This was finally starting to happen, until now.

YouTube, in their almighty power, decided we’re not making their desired content.

They kicked us out of the Partner Program and took away our ability to monetize our videos. We have signed copyright approvals for every song that we have ever featured and yet YouTube still thinks that we’re not allowed to make money with it. This is a heavy loss for us, and we cannot go on without your help.

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