Please SAVE Indie Folk Central

by sending a message to YouTube

The situation:
In January, an automatic system within YouTube decided that we’re no longer able to make revenue with the videos we publish. They demonetized our channel and kicked us out the Partner Program, without giving a detailed reason why they did it. Therefore you won’t see any advertisements at the start of our videos anymore and because of that, we don’t get any revenue out of our videos. We believe that the quality of our channel is good, unique and original enough and that YouTube made a mistake in their decision. What’s your opinion on this? Would you miss us if we’re not able to publish new videos? Please tell YouTube your thoughts through Twitter!

What to do?
WE CAN get back into YouTube’s Partner Program, but we need YOUR HELP to accomplish this. Alex Rainbird was in the same situation last week, but they’re back into the Partner Program because many fans reached out to YouTube. We hope to accomplish the very same!

Please reach out to YouTube on Twitter and let them know what Indie Folk Central means to you and what it means for the indie folk community. Ask them to rethink their decision. Ask them to invite us back into the Partner Program so we can monetize our videos again.

It’s that simple.
You can reach them at @TeamYouTube and please tag our new twitter account @SaveIFC as well, so we can retweet it. Hopefully, YouTube will listen to our request!
The future of Indie Folk Central depends on it..

For those who have questions regarding copyrights; it might be good to know that we have signed copyright approvals from all the artists for every song that we have ever featured on Indie Folk Central. So all the artists allowed us to monetize our videos and make money with it. In return, we’re promoting their music for free.

We’re putting a lot of hours in our channel and we simply won’t be able to continue if we don’t get the option for monetization back. We’re NOT in it for the money, this channel is our passion; but we can’t continue if we don’t get paid for the hours of work.

Will you help us out and save our channel?
Please spread the word!